Monday, August 10, 2009

Nova Scotia - Day 2

Our 2nd day in Nova Scotia was pretty laid back. We got in late the night before so we spent the day settling in and getting to know the small town of Wolfville. The area we were in is known as "the land of orchards and tides", and it was exactly that! We were surrounded by vineyards and orchards, with beautiful rolling hills and farmland backed by cliffs down to the ocean. Wolfville is located along the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides in the world. In some areas the tides were as high as 40 or 50 feet, rising up the huge red cliffs and emptying out twice a day.

We stayed in Tattingstone Inn -, a beautiful historic bed and breakfast in Wolfville.
We stayed in the carriage house, which was really a perfect set up for our family. We had our own room, and my Mom and sister were in the room right next to us, separated by an adjoining hallway. It was like having our own private house. During the day we would leave our doors open to the adjoining hallway and let the kids run in and out between rooms.
The inn served a yummy breakfast every day, and the owners went above and beyond in making us feel at home. They called the airport to arrange for our car seat delivery and pickup of the airline carseats, and even helped me to switch out the airline car seats with ours. They also called the restaurants to make our reservations. They drew maps for us and greeted us at our car to ask us how our day had gone. They cooked the delicious breakfasts and baked fresh cookies every day. We really received the royal treatment.

This year the hotel where the conference took place was full, and that is why we chose this bed and breakfast. But most days we met up with Jason and went out to lunch all together, and then spent the evenings together.

The area is filled with old historic homes and buildings... most of them were old Victorians.
It was beautiful!
This is one of the other inns in town:

This first day we went to Jason's poster session.

Instead of a talk, some scientists presented their research on posters so they could explain their work in an informal setting.
Jason measured particles near earth that were being blown off of the atmosphere of Venus.
He used a space craft instrument that his research group is in charge of.

And here is Josh outside at the poster session. Claire slept the entire time in the stroller :)


Lena Gilbert said...

Yay for vacation! It sounds like you guys had a blast. That bed and breakfast also sounds way cool. I'm excited to go on vacation too in a couple days....its much needed!

AMy said...

incredible. i so want to go!

Whitney R said...

Oh it looks beautiful. The bed and breakfasts are amazing! Your right, my mom would have died.