Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nova Scotia - Day 3

Today we ventured out of wolfville and explored the area.... we stumbled upon a lot of amazing views, a beach, and the Grand-Pre National Historic site.
This is one of my favorite pictures... it shows the rolling countryside in the foreground, with the ocean in view just below Blomidon rock - the cliffs in the distance. So pretty.
This was my idea of paradise... there were homes backed onto the cliffs down to the ocean in their back yard, and rolling corn fields in their front yard with incredible views all around. Wow!

The kids had a blast at our first beach.... Evangeline beach.

Claire is fearless, and loved the water!
It was all misty out over the ocean and looked pretty cool.
They loved throwing rocks into the ocean and finding shells.

And this is my attempt at a nice picture of the 2 of them....
"Josh, stand beside your sister and put your arm around her.... Claire, smile!"

Claire and I agreed that Nova Scotia had good-hair-day-humidity... no frizz, just curlies :)

We stumbled upon this church as we were driving along a little country road, and went to take a picture.... when we walked around to the other side we found out that it was a part of a national historic site called "Grand Pre", which is a commemorative site of the deportation of the Acadians. Whoops, we kinda snuck in the back illegally! But then we drove around to the front and officially entered the park.

Josh got one of those balancing eagles from the gift shop.

Love this picture of Josh (below)....

And now I'm going to add a little slideshow Jason and i like to call :

"CLAIRE VERSUS THE DUCKS" (helps to hum the "Jaws" theme)


Tara Ann said...

What fun pictures. I want to go visit Nova Scotia.