Friday, May 15, 2009

Dance Recital 2009!

Mother's day weekend was the dance recital again this year... 2 shows on saturday, and 1 on sunday. And it actually turned out quite well, but exhausting - a lot of running around backstage! So I'm glad it's over!

The recital theme this year was "Dance Theatre Studio - On Exhibit" and was supposed to be dances from different museum exhibit themes.

Joshua was once again in the preschool movement class this year, so we filmed his dance... it's pretty darn cute! His dance's museum theme was the Benjamin Franklin Museum and the music is "Let's go fly a kite" ... get it? Our camera was acting weird though and kept trying to focus on different things so it's fuzzy sometimes, and for the 1st half you can't see Josh that well because he's behind a girl, but then he moves to the front line and you can see him better. And OOPS his shoes were untied! Some dance mom I am! geez! At least it was just the dress rehearsal. This is the best video we have of Josh because our seats were pretty far back for the actual show. Josh was really excited because after the last show on sunday he got to take his kite home :) He even tried "flying" it in the parking lot on the way to the car... it wasn't raining TOO hard! :)

Check out his bow at the end... what a little stud!

The next dance is my senior girls' rhythm tap group... they really did well this year! I was very pleased with how the dance turned out. They are supposed to be representing the "American automobile museum" or something, hence the car theme - "dancing machine" song, mechanics coveralls (in hot pink nonetheless!), and car formation at the end.

Ok, so I put up 2 videos of their dance, but for different reasons. The first is the dress rehearsal, and it was taken from the 2nd row so you can really see and hear their taps clearly... so that's nice! However, they were still trying to figure out the lighting so that's kinda messed up, and one of my girls didn't dance the dress rehearsal because she was recovering from pneumonia and she was the front wheel of the "car" at the end. Still, it looks pretty good up close...

The second dance is actually from one of the recital performances... I think the saturday matinee. Everyone was there for this, so it's probably a better representation of the dance as a whole, but you can't see as much detail since it's further away. Half of them are graduating this year... very sad! I'll miss them.

Yay! you go girls! :)


Whitney R said...

Vic! You choreograph such beautiful dances! And josh is so cute. haha, he's such a boy. stomping around. I can't believe I missed this post! I'm glad you had me come back :)